Attractive Features

Kzeus is enabled for 6 channel switch with attractive features listed below. We are working on it to enhance more in the future.

Easy Appliance Control

Our connect your home appliances with our product,cofigure it through the App, Turn it ON/OFF from your mobile APP from any where.

High Wattage Appliance

We have a seperate channel for high Wattage appliances(e.g: AC,Geyser..) control it from the App.

Gas-Leakage Alert System

Thinking about safety issue in kitchen,the device will detect LPG leakage and automatic Gas flow will cut-off with sound alert and mobile notification in the App.

Sensor Data Monitoring

In the Dashboard live temperature and humidity will show for indivisual Room or device


Power Monitoring

How much power is consuming for the total appliances connected with this device that Live data in WATT will show on dashboard

Dimmer/regulator Control

We have a seperate channel to connect Fan or filament bulb to regulate the speed or brightness.

Pixel Color Led Control

Now our device is capable to pick up any color of Neo pixel led and change it any time depending on your Mood.